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Grounded in jazz and soul roots, multitalented Norwegian artist, songwriter, producer and actor Amanda Kamara let’s her curiosity for people, and our longing for connection and love influence all her creative work.


With a jazz infused neo soul soundscape, Amanda Kamara’s broke her silence with her 1st single "Better days" marking the beginning of a new era, and the song is an introduction to Kamara’s upcoming debut-EP. The song gained radio plays at several national radiostationgs as well as recognition from musicreviewers eager to hear more.


Amanda Kamara is also contributing with her soulful vocals on the acclaimed Norwegian singer/songwriter Beharie's records. The last couple of years Kamara’s found her place in Oslo’s jazz scene, re-embracing her background and love for legends as Ella Fitzgerald, sparking new inspiration.


Kamara is no newcomer to the stage and has played more than 1000 shows as an actor at some of Norway’s biggest theatres. During her work with characters and their worlds, her drive to writing music became even bigger, and for Kamara the two disciplines goes hand in hand as natural parts of her expression as an artist.


With her upcoming EP, Amanda Kamara introduces the audience to her musical universe, and it’s a good one.

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